LEKKID Imaginary Fauna - 50 pieces Big Box

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Imaginary Fauna consists of basic pieces, set in and out of context, made of different materials (beech and methacrylate) that can be interconnected to create various figures and shapes. It is an open-ended game in which there is not one sole solution and every solution is valid, whereby the child can develop different creativity skills, experimenting with, transforming and combining materials, and thus enhancing cognitive flexibility.

This 50-piece box allows you to expand the number of imaginary animals to infinity... and beyond! 


Lekkid is a publisher of products that develop children's CREATIVITY.

The idea aries from the conviction that creativity is fundamental for the integral depelopement of the child and a long-term benefit for society.

Lekkid aims to enable children, regardless of their genetic talent, to develop their creative abilities in order to solve problems in an innovative way.

Creative skills  in Imaginary Fauna:

Being flexible is knowing how to create, explore, generate, imagine, improvise, invent, modify relate, transform and adapt..

Flexible thinking allows children to be able to relate to different environments; that is, to be able to interact with and accept others as they are. Flexibility of thouht is constituted by a set of mental funtions that allow to adapt changing strategies or to change one's point of view. As the term implies, it is not only about providing conflict resolution but also about being more adaptable to new situations, which ensures that children are happier, have a bettr attitude towards new situations and feel less frustrated by possible change.

By offering this tool to a child you are telling them:

  • Things can be different from how you usually see or know them.
  • Dare to try, it's OK.
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Just experiment and be surprised.

* The composition of the box may differ from the picture. 



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